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Washington County - Merrill Timberlake Log Home - Jonesborough, TN


The home was featured as a Log Home Diary in 3 consecutive issues of Log Home Design magazine beginnning with the June 2008 issue. 

Kent and Midge have special memories of staying at 'The Swag' (A North Carolina inn that is well-known for it’s “Natural Elegance”). They took many inspirations from their visits there and used many recycled materials for the interior of the cabin. In turn, the materials used create many ‘stories’ to tell. One example is the Chestnut barn wood that was retrieved from a barn in the area that was being torn down. Kent scraped the vines from the boards and applied finish to all the surfaces. During the cleaning of the boards, he found where someone had carved their name of "Alvin" and the date of "1935" into one of the boards. Kent proudly used the board as paneling on an interior wall, for all to see.