Beck Townsend Cabin


In the Great Smoky Mountains of Wallen, Tennessee, Peter Beck built his long-time dream home. Hearthstone Homes was chosen to breathe life into the project thanks to its reputation for building “forever homes” that last for generations. 

“We snatched up our little piece of heaven in 2012 and sat on the land until we found the right design, materials, and builder,” Beck said.

After seeing Hearthstone on television, Beck knew the company captured the look he wanted and believed Hearthstone could make it happen. 

Beck refers to the home as his “happy place.” He designed the cabin to emulate a traditional 19th century home found in the mountains of eastern Tennessee. Specifically, he chose to build a Dog Trot House, which is an old Appalachian style of home with a breezeway connecting two larger rooms, typically where dogs would lay to stay cool. In modern times with central heat and air conditioning, the breezeway is enclosed.

The structure is a random-stack log home, which features logs varying in width with chinking in between. The 8, 10, and 12 inch logs are stacked at random to create an authentic early mountain pioneer home. The hand-hewn embossing of the logs and traditional dovetail notching further add to the home’s antique feel. The custom color choice of stain was chosen to give the logs the look of a 150-year-old cabin. Other unique touches include using reclaimed barn wood from that area for trim work and using tobacco sticks for all of the balusters. 

However, the hero of the project is wood. 

“Every decision was made to highlight the beauty of the logs and beams. Everywhere you look, you see the beauty of the wood,” Beck said.

The unsung heroes are the ceilings.The finished timber-frame ceilings turned out to be a great surprise, according to Beck.

“The ceilings are a beautiful work of art that leaves every visitor stunned by their beauty,” Beck said. 

Hearthstone’s contribution to the project allowed Beck’s dream to become a reality. Now, he has the dream home where he and his wife want to spend the rest of their lives. Their home will be a sight that never gets old. 

“We find ourselves just staring at the little details, amazed at how a million little decisions added up to become this one-of-a-kind work of art,” Beck said. “That’s what it is: art.”

With Hearthstone’s help, Peter Beck’s dream was realized. He had faith in the company, which was rewarded with a home that will last forever.   “I’d come work for them!” Beck added. 

Hearthstone shares the respect. Steve Hall, VP and Special Project Manager for Hearthstone Homes said, “Pete and Melanie were super to work with. I truly feel like Pete’s log home is an extension of his skills as a carpenter. I think their place is truly special and their patience has paid off.”

Hall adds, “This house is the envy of the Smokies now.”