A Hearthstone Heavy Timber Barn is the Ultimate Outbuilding

May consider these massive hand-hewn log barns and timber frames, to be the best. We simply see them as an opportunity to create classic American structures, lasting for generations to come.


A Hearthstone specialty since 1984. The living environment created by a timber frame provides for harmonious interaction between nature, family, and guests. Timber Frames are built with massive timbers and a dizzying array of intricate, hand-pegged, mortise -and- tenon joinery. Creative surface textures: planed smooth with chamfered edges, hand hewn, Weatheraged™, distressed, or any combination desired.

The beautiful timber framework is left exposed to the interior of the barn, creating breathtaking effects of open spaces and craftsmanship rarely seen in more than a century. Flexibility of design, appearance, and function are key to the popularity of timber frame barns. Any exterior look or architectural style can be designed-wood, brick, stone. Inside stunning timbers in any style or wood species can be used.


Traditional style barns pay homage to a great American tradition. For those seeking a multi-function barn made of traditional materials, these structures are hard to surpass. This beautiful, yet functional, barn was designed to house horses and the occasional social gathering. Because the customer was in the process of restoring a farmstead from early in the 20th Century, the technique & style reflects that period & geography. In keeping with the look and feel of the turn of the century, Hearthstone developed a process for giving the timbers a surface texture that mimicked the circular cuts of timbers that had just come out of an old sawmill. The naturally weathered Cypress board & batten gives the barn the perfect rustic finish. All of our barns are custom and we can do anything you want, so don’t feel constrained by existing projects or floor plans.


The traditional design and use of the “barn” have evolved tremendously over the years. One of the most popular innovations is the “barn home” due to it’s open, airy floor plans and massive posts and beams. These homes convey the aesthetics of a traditional barn combined with an exciting modern design.


Our guest barn’s efficient design enables a lot of living in a small amount of space. This particular design features a two car garage and golf cart garage. Above the 2-car barn garage is a guest suite loft with morning kitchen and bath.


Cathedral ceilings and stunning light fixtures create the perfect backdrop for almost any type of event. From parties, banquets, and fundraisers timber frame barns can accommodate any style of gathering.


Combining traditional farm home elements such as exposed beams and pitched ceilings with contemporary rustic touches creates a space that is full of character and coziness. People often turn to cottage style barn homes when building a second home or looking to downsize.


Timber Frame barns are perfect for any type of wedding. With their adaptability and flexibility, they excel at anything from country-elegant, to black tie, to blue jeans and boots (or barefoot).


Some of Our Featured Projects

Custom Barn Plans

Some of Our Featured Plans
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