Port Orford Cedar

A Rare Species: Port Orford Cedar

We see many different species coming in and out of our plant on a daily basis. However, this is the first time we have had Port Orford Cedar, which isn’t as common as most species we deal with (due to a very limited growing range). It’s even listed as vulnerable due to a reduced population.

Port Orford Cedar, also known as Lawson’s Cypress, is a hidden gem amongst other species. For a little background history, it was first found near Port Orford in Oregon. Hence, the origin of this cedar’s name.

Upon entering our manufacturing plant, a distinct floral or ginger-like aroma fills the air after cutting and sanding the Port Orford Cedar. The scent instantly makes you feel like you’re surrounded by nature. 

For some inside detail, the color of this species has a tendency to slightly darken with age. When exposed to UV rays, it tends to weather to a uniform grey. It’s easy to work with and it holds paint, stains, finishes, and glue really well. 

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