Tryon International Equestrian Arena

Often we all get asked to meet unusual deadlines. Recently when Tryon Equestrian Center called us to complete a Timber Frame entryway into a new arena they were constructing they had a tight time table for completion. Used to working with deadlines in order to meet customer needs, Hearthstone Inc. often gets these kinds of requests. However, Tryon needed a miracle. Their new arena was set to open within a week, and they needed the timber on the job site and erected before the arena opened. Never one to back down from a challenge, Hearthstone rolled up our sleeves, and we got to work.

Steve Hall, Vice President of Design and Marketing explains: “First, we sent a team to collect field measurements the day after we got the call, and then they called in and where giving measurements over the phone to our Project Design Manager David Smith. David modeled the Timbers and had the preliminary plans ready to go back to Tryon before the team got back from the job site. The following day we made adjustments to the plans and sent those back for final approval.”

Once approval was in hand, we spent the third day manufacturing, packing and preparing the timber to ship. We loaded and sent the material to the job site the next day. A marathon day of hard work the following day, and we were able to make the deadline and finish the job the day before the arena was set to be opened. Check out the pictures below.