1,096 Square Feet Colorado Lake Haven

New Lake Haven 1096 Model
The Colorado Lake Haven is the perfect hideaway for the weekend. With a legendary quality, compact design, and country charm, this guest house is truly the best of both worlds. It may be smaller in size, 1,096 sq. ft., but you won’t miss any space at all with this unique layout.

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We have an unshakable commitment to the nearly lost art of the Timberwright.  This is yet another reason why this Colorado Lake Haven is the perfect home for a lakeside, mountain, or private setting.  Versatility is so important today, which is why at Hearthstone you are guaranteed to have a home that is adaptable in any environment, for every season, and every occasion.  

I’m sure you’re already impressed with the exterior, let’s take a closer look at the interior of this model to make an even bigger impression. The spacious living room with cathedral ceiling is opening and inviting to all. Not to mention that there is a dining area off to the side of the kitchen for convenience. Lastly, there’s even a sleeping loft in case of guest overflow during the holidays with friends and family.

Don’t hesitate in reaching out to us for more details on this Colorado Lake Haven.  Perhaps you’re interested in getting started with something similar for yourself.  Either way, contact us today at 800-247-4442.

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