A Visit from Barnwood Builders

A Day With Johnny Jett, Sherman Thompson, & Mark Bowe’s Filming Crew

Last Thursday was quite a day for us here at Hearthstone!  You may have seen our sneak-peek teaser post on our Social Media last week with a glimpse of what was going on.  If not, don’t worry because I’m going to give you all the details.  Early Thursday morning the filming crew from Barnwood Builders showed up here for a day full of filming, photography, and wonderful conversation.  If you aren’t familiar with Barnwood Builders , click the link and I’m sure you will recognize a face or two.  They are without a doubt Log Home royalty and we were so honored to meet them and have them at our office and plant.  

To see more about Barnwood Builders and the episode we appear on, visit the link below.

Most of the filming took place in our plant. This environment was raw and authentic providing the perfect background for every shot. Some of the top spots for filming that day centered around our 5-axis CNC machine as well as our sample room and variety of stained textures & timbers.

They also got some one-on-one with our owner, Randy Giles, who gave them background info on everything log, timber, and plant-related here at Hearthstone. There was so much to talk about!

A Visit from Barnwood Builders blog11 Hearthstone Homes

Here are a couple more photos of our owner, Randy Giles, and our VP of Design & Marketing, Steve Hall, with the Barnwood Builders.

This day was so memorable and special for us and we have been so excited to share the news with you. Mark Bowe’s entire crew and film team were such great people to talk to and work with. Johnny Jett and Sherman Thompson are truly humble guys with so much wisdom and knowledge. Fun fact: Did you know that Johnny Jett is an artist, too?! Click here to see his amazing art catalog Https://Johnnyjettart.Com/Collections/All . So now you know all about our day with the Barnwood Builders. We can’t wait to be featured on an episode of Barnwood Builders this season! They are more than welcome to stop by our office any day at any time.