Antique Log Homes

Our antique logs are reclaimed from old barns and structures nationwide--mostly in the Eastern United States and Canada.

They are carefully dismantled and then re-crafted into new homes or additions using new hand-crafted dovetail joinery at the corners. These naturally shaped timbers were originally hand hewn or chopped by our forefathers over 100 to 200 years ago. Some of the trees used date back to the 1600’s. The wood species incorporated into these magnificent structures varied with geography and included Oaks, Pines, Poplar, etc. Mixing timber species, sizes and thicknesses is common with this reclaimed product.

Designing with reclaimed timber has some limitations. Long spans and engineered floor/roof systems can be expensive. That is why we try to limit the longest antique timber to 24 foot long, or substitute new timber when engineering is required. Nobody does it like Hearthstone.


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Click here to see the unmatched Hearthstone money-back guarantee!