Behind the idea: SEI Headquarters

Behind the idea: SEI Headquarters IMG 2681 Hearthstone Homes

Bold and impressive describe the scale of Hearthstone’s latest commercial project, the Southeast Industrial Construction (SEI) headquarters building in Morristown, TN. 

When Kenny Noah, owner of SEI , needed a corporate office for his fast-growing company, he couldn’t ignore his desire for an authentically-built structure made of something other than brick and steel. What he needed was a ‘wow’ factor, and Hearthstone Homes provided it.

Noah wanted to build a place for executives and investors to gather and discuss company growth while also being reminded of the local culture. He chose Hearthstone Homes not only to support the community, but also to tie part of Appalachian culture to the experience of working with SEI. 

The 5,500 square-foot building will house ten corporate offices for SEI. The massive scale of the lobby is matched by the beauty and size of the smooth, plain-hewn timbers on display there. The mezzanine layout of the second level keeps the giant, horizontal timbers as the center of attention. Guests can walk all the way around the building admiring the majesty of the wood. 

The logs are stained the color of rich tobacco, and the lighter decking provides a perfect contrast. The bold essence of the timbers spills into the atmosphere of the building, creating a strong, confident work environment to usher the company’s growth and prosperity while providing a meaningful, spectacular place to congregate. 

With towering heavy timber trusses joined in impressive pegged mortise and tenon intersections, many with massive steel gusset plates and connecting turnbuckles, SEI has stepped into the big leagues of timber framing with this Hearthstone marvel.

We are ONLY in the fabrication stage now. So, check back later for updates!

Contact us today at 800-247-4442 to speak with a Project Manager.

Behind the idea: SEI Headquarters IMG 2683 Hearthstone Homes
Behind the idea: SEI Headquarters IMG 2680 Hearthstone Homes
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