Cypress Trees

All Things Cypress Trees

Deliveries are an everyday norm for us here at Hearthstone, but it’s not every day that we get 42 feet long Cypress trees delivered. Take a look at the video and pictures below that we took to document this special delivery.

This video gives raw footage and puts the 42′ long Cypress trees in a better perspective. These trees were grown in Southwest Alabama and are well over 100 years old to be conservative. They were delivered to our facility in Newport, Tennessee and they will go through the process of being debarked, pressure-washed, and cleaned. 

Below are some of our examples of the use of Cypress trees in Lodges, Porches, and Restaurants. Each structure is completely unique in its own way and using these trees gives a special detail that can’t be replicated.




The possibilities for Cypress Tree applications in structures are endless. If you have a vision of your own, contact us at 800-247-4442 and check us out on Facebook.

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