D- Shaped Log Home

D- Shaped Log Home copy of the nature traveller 1 0 Hearthstone Homes

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Project description:  2 story custom 10″ D Style log home with partial heavy timber roof system and heavy timber porches. 
A D-Log simply describes the shape of the log in cross-section, with the interior side milled flat and the exterior side curved, like the capital letter D.

Hearthstone D-shaped logs consist of tongue and groove connections, dovetail corners, with interior options being hewn or planed. The sizes offered are 6×8 D, 8×8 D, 10×10 D, 12×12 D, and 8×8 DD (double D). Kiln drying services are available as well.

Other log profiles available include 6×12 hand hewn with dovetail corners, 6×14 hand hewn with dovetail corners, Timberlake 6xrRandom Heights (14-22 in.), 8, 10, 12 random stack, and 10, 12, 14 random stack. These log profiles require Chinking and can be upgraded to 8″ thick. 

Our 6×14 log on log profile does not require Chinking, and can be upgraded to 8″.