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Insight on Porches

Porches are commonly at the bottom of the list or more of an after thought of a brand new home owner.  However, porches are easily one of the most underrated components of a house.  Simple, serene, and relaxing are the first three words that pop into my head when I think of a porch.  There is truly nothing else like it.  

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Whether it’s the setting for a barbeque, making memories with family, taking in the sunshine, or enjoying some “me” time by reading a book, stepping outside your door onto your porch is the most authentic place to go.  Another plus with a porch is that they are truly “no fuss” and by this I mean they are what they are.  It may sound overly simple, but there’s really nothing else to it and that’s where the true beauty of a porch lies.  

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And you can’t forget the natural view either.  By the lake or deep in the woods, it doesn’t matter.  The perfect dackdrop for any evening is awaiting you.  In the spring, the flowers are blooming.  In the summer, the bright sun is beaming.  In the fall, the leaves are changing colors and falling.  In the winter, the snow is pouring down.  Are you starting to appreciate the simplicity of a porch more? ….I thought so! 

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