It’s All About The Details

A Closer Look

We come from decades of leadership in all things heavy timber. Since 1971, we’ve designed and built structures that inspire any style imaginable. It’s what makes us extraordinary when it comes to log, timber frame, and custom structures. There’s nothing like looking at a finished home, but let’s spend a little time taking a closer look at the details that make it all come together.

Here’s some under-construction shots completely unfiltered and unedited on job sites. Our process and the authentic quality of our timber frame beams and logs gives our homes the sustainability to last a lifetime. The steps of our process from start to finish include engineering, CAD/CAM Modeling, crafting, delivering, erecting, and constructing structures all while ensuring our clients are pleased throughout the process. Our quality, versatility, craftmanship, and attention to detail is tightly woven into each step. Take a look at some close-ups below.

Our texturing and antiquing process is truly one-of-a-kind. Head to Mystic Timbers  to learn more about how we make new into old and old into new.

Want to learn and see more? Watch the video below for a virtual plant tour! Contact us at 800-247-4442 to speak with a Project Manager that will answer any questions you may have.