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Let’s talk kitchens. Every room in a house is important, but the kitchen is truly the center point of the home. It’s often said that the kitchen is the heart of the home. I’d like to believe that statement is true. Now it’s question time. Are you looking to redo, update, or build a new kitchen? Are you just simply wanting some kitchen inspiration? Either way, I’ve got you covered. Keep reading to see my favorite kitchens we’ve ever done. In just our main online project gallery alone, there are more than 165 projects. Only choosing my top 5 kitchens were difficult. Here’s a link if you want to view our entire project gallery before getting started. Https://Hearthstonehomes.Com/Projects.Html


The Pfendler kitchen is absolutely gorgeous. It has the merging beauty and intrigue of a 250-year-old log style with the modern technology and sophistication of a custom-built vacation home. This spacious kitchen with great attention to detail is sure to gather friends and family together. The Pfendler kitchen has always been one of my favorites.


The Thompson kitchen is unlike any other kitchen. It takes modernly rustic to a whole new level. The antique aspect of this space creates a one-of-a-kind environment for the heart of the home. Adding touches similar to this kitchen in your own home could create a completely updated look without having to change everything. 


The Lockwood kitchen was featured in Timber Home Living Magazine in June 2019. It takes the idea of an open kitchen to a whole new level. An interesting fact is that the island was built by a cattle rancher that specializes in custom cabinetry. This kitchen would be perfect for holiday dinner parties. Here’s a link to a Facebook post with the Lockwood magazine article. Https://Bit.Ly/Lockwood_feature


This kitchen is completely different than the other 4 because it is completely outdoor! Hosting events any time of the year would be a breeze with a kitchen like this. If you’re on the fence about having an outdoor kitchen, this is your sign that you should do it. The large space and versatility make for an area that has endless possibilities. Add a television, fireplace, pizza oven, and a grill to have the dream outdoor kitchen. 


The Kolar kitchen is a classic. The log home theme and atmosphere give this smaller kitchen a cozy feel. Some of the simple country-style accent pieces came from antique stores in Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg, Tennessee. 

Whether you prefer a lot of open space, a smaller cozy style, unique, traditional, modern, or completely outdoor, we have been a part of every type of kitchen imaginable. The five kitchens featured were my personal top 5, but I have an Instagram story takeover with more kitchens to see.  Also, if you’re not following us on Pinterest, you should. You’ll find plenty of kitchen ideas, inspiration, and decoration ideas. Here are the links to follow us. Https://Www.Instagram.Com/Hearthstoneloghomes/