NEW SPECIALITY PRODUCT: Woven Rhododendron/Laurel Handrails

Rhododendron is North Carolina’s most famous native evergreen due to it’s strength and unique visual character. Both Mountain Laurel and Rhododendron trees grow in a similar fashion of twists and turns. They are in the family Ericaceae which consists of trees that prefer acidic soil. When Rhododendron peaks in June, natural gardens of raspberry and lavender colored flowers cover the Blue Ridge Mountains bringing in travelers from all over. Laurel trees typically have light pink and white flowers which is the easiest way to tell the difference between it and Rhododendron. 

Rhododendron and Laurel handrails create a sense of rustic elegance with nature as the ultimate inspiration. Rustic or contemporary, Rhodondren and Laurel handrails give every home or outdoor space the perfect natural element touch. 

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All handrails are custom made one at a time. They come as a ready to install, preassembled section.

Design Options:
You have the option between Western Red Cedar, Redwood or Black Locust for the top and bottom rail assemblies. 

You have the option between Mountain Laurel or Rhododendron. Both have a similar look and feel. Laurel is a rich red color and Rhododendron has a more gray/brown color.

The standard cap width is 5 1⁄2” and 38” tall (overall rail height). Custom widths and heights are available.

The handrail design is approved for clear spans up to 14’ between anchoring points/posts. Handrails are usually secured using “OlyLog” screws crisscrossed into post at top and bottom on both rail ends. We pre-drill and plug to conceal fasteners. Woven rails can be installed into rock using metal brackets and/or concrete fasteners.