NEW Specialty Building Product: Poplar Bark Siding

NEW! Poplar Bark Siding (Inquire about our additional specialty building products)

Bark siding blends in with the mountainous look and virtually eliminates maintenance and upkeep. All our other product offerings work seamlessly together to continue a natural feel through all areas of your home. Combining the elements creates a lifestyle of rustic elegance not just a house with rustic features. Nature is the ultimate inspiration. 

Whether used as full siding or as a small accent, Poplar bark siding gives any commercial or residential project cladding a unique, natural look. Bark is nature’s perfect protection against environment forces and was first utilized centuries ago. This “Green” building material will last longer 70+ years if properly installed.

After harvesting, all bark is kiln dried to stabilize moisture and kill any fungus or insect larva that might be present. After it is removed from the kiln, all bark shingles are allowed to acclimate to relative humidity levels. Once equilibrium is reached, each piece is hand-square and palletize it for shipment.

Original Rustic Bark Siding Specs:

  • Siding lengths are standardized at 18” and 24” tall.
  • (Special sizes are available for an up- charge, call for pricing)


  • 1/2” thickness “choice” grade
  • 5/8″ to 15/16″ for exterior “standard” grade
  • 1″ and greater for exterior “premium” grade

Shingles are random in width ranging from 4″-42″ wide. Averaging 11″ in width.

The bark is graded on both integrity and appearance. Both standard and premium grades have undergone the same drying and grading processes before they are approved and ready to sell.

Bark Sheets 24″ x 48″ up to 48″ x 96″ are available in limited supply