November 2018 Design of the Month “Black Mountain”

Black Mountain Home

 This 2,550 sq. ft., beautiful Timber Frame Home starts at a special package price of $226,869.

November 2018 Design of the Month "Black Mountain" Halford Raytrace Hearthstone Homes
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Timber Frames

Timber frames, a Hearthstone specialty since 1984. Timber Frames are built with massive timbers and a dizzying array of intricate, hand-pegged, mortise-and-tenon joinery. Creative surface textures: planed smooth with chamfered edges, hand-hewn, WeatherAged, distressed, or any combination desired. In our homes, however, the beautiful timber framework is left exposed to the interior of the home, creating breathtaking effects of open spaces and craftsmanship rarely seen in more than a century. Huge timbers are transformed from rough lumber to the intricate finished framework of a Hearthstone timber frame home – with joinery detail often seen in the finest furniture. During this process, the emotions and values of the timberwrights and of the company become as important as sharp tools and quality timbers. The stunning frame, a descendant of centuries-old methods, is then married to a high-tech, extremely tight and energy efficient blanket of structural insulated panels. The result is a highly personalized home of unmatched beauty, value, energy efficiency, and total design flexibility.

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November 2018 Design of the Month "Black Mountain" halford solid Hearthstone Homes

On-Site Construction Services Worldwide

Hearthstone provides skilled crews to install all of their Home Packages. We erect the Log or Timber Frame skeleton on your existing, custom-installed foundation and subfloor. We will provide Assembly Services anywhere we sell a home or commercial structure. The investment is modest compared to the value of our trained, professional staff and assembly crew.

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What We are About

  • Hearthstone designs, engineers, delivers and builds extraordinary, custom log and timber homes and component
  • With over 150 years combined experience, Hearthstone’s staff does all design work for their timber products, as well as supplying stamped and engineered plans for their homeowner and/or their architect.
  • Design services include a complete set of blueprints which include cross sections, floor plans, foundation plans, elevations, and additional details for most permit and construction requirements.
  • Our CAD modeling software offers the latest in 3D modeling that is so complex that designs can be viewed in three dimensions prior to manufacturing.
November 2018 Design of the Month "Black Mountain" Halford Raytrace 2 Hearthstone Homes

What Our Special Turnkey Services Offer

  • Complete turnkey construction from “site prep” to “move in” is available in East Tennessee, Western North Carolina, and select other locations.  Call for additional details on estimates, proposals, and crew availability.
  • Since 1971, Hearthstone Inc. has managed the Log, Timber Frame, and SIPS installation for over 5,500 customers nationwide thus far.  Our trained and experienced crew have traveled the country with heavy equipment and set the packages to a dried-in shell stage.
  • In 2005, Mountain Timber Structures, LLC was formed to expand Hearthstone’s role to include complete turnkey construction.  Licensed as general contractors in Tennessee and North Carolina, we have managed and built some of the finest custom homes regionally.
  • Our design and engineering team can create a home to fit your style.  Also, you can provide your own plans or you can select from the hundreds of standard plans in the Hearthstone portfolio we have available
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Take Another Look at This Beautiful Black Mountain Home

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The clients teamed up with Hearthstone and their local builder to design and build this home which is a truly inspiring blend of functional, cozy simplicity — yet with unique, personal, and imaginative details everywhere you look.  This home is truly unique and it capitalizes on the exquisite surrounding view.  To provide many eye views of the breathtaking view, there is an abundance of intricate glass, screened in porches, decks, and an open floor plan. Expecting to live there a long time, the clients were thinking long-term with the floor plan, which includes wheelchair access, and both the upstairs and downstairs bedrooms are designed to be master suites. The décor inside is eclectic — as so many of our homes are — with everything from Arts & Crafts influence, to French Country, to Tiffany lamps, to a locally-crafted stained glass window in the bathroom.

November 2018 Design of the Month "Black Mountain" scan 4 1 1 Hearthstone Homes

Your next step is to call us at 800-247-4442 to schedule a complimentary design consultation of your own.