One of a Kind Log Home and Cabin Books Available for Purchase

Hearthstone has two extraordinary books titled Log & Timber Frame Homes and Log Cabins Past & Present

Log and Timber Frame Homes

Log and Timber Frame Homes contains a wide array of everything homes.  From floor plans to hand sketches to completely finished and furnished homes, this book has it all.  With out-of-the-box ideas, it is sure to spur additional creativity to your future home design ideas.  It blends modern and traditional with a country log home feeling that is unforgettable.  This is an inspiring book for any would-be home builder or interior designer who wants to incorporate the wood look of our ancestral folk architecture in a modern home.  Take a tour of more than 35 houses, inside and out, through beautiful color photographs and floor plans.  This is a wonderful resource for anyone trying to decide between timber-frame or log home construction, or a combination of both.  You can purchase this hardcover book today with nearly 250 pages for only $44.95.

Log Cabins Past & Present

Log Cabins Past & Present includes the history of log cabins with influences and ideas from today.  You are sure to learn something new and be entertained with aged designs at the same time.  With an incredible collection of imagery that will take you on a tour of old and new log homes, offering restorers and new home builders alike a chance to recreate architectural traditions in a home for today’s family.  There’s inspiration for every room inside, as well as exteriors of structures that are part of time-honored landscapes.  Hundreds of photos make this a priceless reference for planning and furnishing your dream log cabin.  You can purchase this hard-cover book today for only $34.99.