Peterson Cabin

The 2,550 sq. foot Peterson Cabin is a rustic cottage located in the 43-acre private and woodsy Colorado. 

With Danish influences, this log home is especially unique.  The breathtaking stonework, exposed trusses, and spacious rooms are what make this log home so spectacular.  Although the interior is open and spacious, the authentic cozy feeling of a cabin is still very present at the Peterson residence.  HearthStone supplied hand-hewn Eastern White Pine that brings the Peterson Cabin’s rustic, Denmark style to life.  Other unique details of this cabin include custom-made and detailed ironwork and stonework along with foundation grilles.  This cabin is truly a woodland getaway.

The entryway is the focal point to this cabin. It’s important because it is the first thing that is seen before anyone enters. It sets the tone for the rest of the cabin through its aestheticism and by giving an inviting and intimate feeling to all those who visit.   This is exactly what the Peterson cabin’s entryway does. 

 The fireplace is a focal point once entering the cabin.  Its custom design towering three-stories with stone coursing makes it truly eye-catching.  The hanging buffalo head gives it a personal touch that ties back into the cozy and intimate vision for this retreat.

The design of this cabin has a lot of open space; however, the dining area was intentionally designed to be a little bit smaller which gives the Petersen’s family and friends more of a closeness and a better opportunity to come together at the end of the day.  Mr. Petersen says, “They always have Thanksgiving at the cabin along with most other holidays.”  It’s the best place to create long-lasting memories. 

There are creative touches throughout this entire cabin and the dining and kitchen area are no exception.  The exposed timbers give a unique overhead look and the hand-painted table lends for a personal touch as well. 

The loft of the cabin is especially beautiful because that is where the exposed heavy timber trusses are best showcased.  This area of the cabin shows many of the rustic Danish influences that were incorporated in the design of this cabin as well.  Some of those influences include the cottage like atmosphere from the banister staircase, furniture, and decor style. 

It is said that some of these design ideas “go back 25 years from a Danish ancient thatched-roof cottage on the coast.”  HearthStone’s work with the Eastern White Pine logs makes this structure absolutely stunning.

And now to save the best for last….The Petersen Cabin had the amazing privilege of being published by Log Home Living for the June 2008 issue.  In this issue, they were given a seven-page spread.  Take a look at the article below!