Allegheney Grille / Foxburg Restaurant


A bit of rustic, outdoor elegance is the style of this riverside restaurant on the banks of the northern reaches of the Allegheny River in rural Northwestern Pennsylvania. We are proud to say that the owner is a repeat customer.

Project & Client Story

The Allegheny Grill is about 4600 square feet and is set in a tranquil spot overlooking the Allegheny River near Foxburg, Pennsylvania. The owner is a local entrepreneur who has also purchased two Hearthstone hand-hewn log homes and a massive hand-hewn log garage. In our business, repeat customers are a sure sign of quality, integrity, and competence. It’s not often people get the opportunity to build multiple homes or commercial buildings. But, when they can, and they do it with the same company, something’s going right.

The frame is truly massive and is done all in oak. It took multiple cranes and a lot of expertise to get the frameset — especially working on the banks of the Allegheny. Over the decades, Hearthstone’s services and expertise in on-site installation has made showcases of projects that otherwise might not have been possible. The location required a lot of floodplain planning and engineering with oversized footings, foundations, and timbers. The architect, Robert Frost, from Conneaut, Pennsylvania, was instrumental in developing and engineering the site-specific design.

The restaurant itself features an in-house microbrewery, bar, restaurant, and banquet facilities. As you can imagine, there is as much glass and view of the river as is possible, and there are many decks for outdoor dining overlooking the river. There is seating for 200 on the first floor for dining, about 50 more in the bar, and about 50 on the second floor. There is also seating outside for another 100 guests.

For more about this project, call the Hearthstone Project Manager who managed the process from beginning to end: Ron White at either 800-247-4442, extension 121 — or his cell phone at 865-654-0928.

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