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Our guarantee was first issued on March 27, 1987, and was slightly modified to allow for our Timber Frames product line and re-issued on March 27, 1988, and that document is shown below. After all these years, our guarantee has evolved very little and is still rooted in this 1988 document. Here’s a summary of the money-back part of the guarantee: if you don’t like it when we put it up, we’ll take it down and give you your money back. The details are in our Purchase Agreement and include not only the money-back part but also structural specifications and warranty. Talk to a Project Manager to get the exact guarantee and warranty details from our Purchase Agreement. We hope this little piece of Hearthstone history below helps you understand a bit more about our company and values.

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You can’t really get to know us just by reading or looking at photos. Come visit us. Call to talk to a professional project manager. Ask for a free literature package that normally costs $8.