Big Woods Speedway


Vice president of sales for Hearthstone Inc., Chris Wood, has been fortunate to help design many custom homes (and a few light commercial structures) nationwide during his 32 years in the business but he assures that Big Woods Speedway holds a special place in his heart. From initial sketch to completion, Big Woods Speedway took approximately (14) months. There are 1,808 wooden pegs, not nails, holding together 126050 lbs of massive timber beams. 

Big Woods® Speedway rests on the corner of 10th and Main streets in historic downtown Speedway, Ind. The expansive timber frame structure hearkens back to the original brewpub in Nashville, Ind. But now, Big Woods Speedway has something to offer for everyone. The lofty ceilings, mammoth wood beams, liquor lounge, big-screen televisions, patio tables, Indy 500 tribute beers, house-smoked pulled pork, and from-scratch pizza provide an enjoyable experience for the whole family. 

“Watching this small town brewery startup and grow exponentially since must be credited to the owner, Jeff McCabe,” says Wood. Wood had the chance to enjoy the atmosphere of the Big Wood Speedway’s finished project with three generations of his own family. Founded by Tim O’Brien, Ed Ryan, and Jeff McCabe, Big Woods is dedicated to creating great beers in styles and flavors that appeal not only to craft beer aficionados but to the average beer drinker too. 

“We’re not just building structures,” says Wood, ‘These awesome heavy timber buildings are the result of building relationships.’” “The teamwork, location, owner involvement, and overall concept made the long hours and tight time schedule worth it,” he adds.