Jane Lockwood


The gently rolling Black Hills of South Dakota are just as breathtaking as the Hearthstone timber frame home now silhouetted against the serene northwestern landscape. 

Just a stone’s throw from protected forest, the 40-acre property is cultivated to not only compliment nature, but also to survive it. Its macadamia-colored stucco siding exterior and seam copper roof are resilient to wildfires, while an intricate web of interior trusses fortify against heavy snowfall and strong winds. The log cabin’s sense of beauty is accompanied by the strength and steadfastness of the timber-framed structure. 

From the outside, the 6,000 square-ft timber frame cabin appears to be a work of modern delight. However, the home’s main entryway— a grand pair of custom barn-style doors— hints at its rustic interior.

According to homeowner Jane Lockwood, there is no feeling quite like watching the faces of guests as they meander through the intriguing doors to find themselves surrounded by the majestic timbers of her one-of-a-kind home.

“It is really fun to see people come in not expecting anything,” Lockwood says.

The “Great Room” of the house is a 43 x 43 ft octagonal centerpiece that serves as the hub of the home and contains its most interesting feature. Imagine the open fire burning in a central stone pit with a handmade, copper-colored chimney flue that seems to hover above the flames. The entire room was designed around the firepit and flue, using eight trusses and joinery with a hammer beam design to allow the room to be a wall-less space for the foyer, kitchen, dining, and living room areas. 

While the Great Room was constructed around the flue, the rest of the house was designed around the Great Room. Decorative scissor trusses provided by Hearthstone decorate the interior ceilings. To witness true architectural beauty, just look up at the timber-frames.

The kitchen is also a sight to behold. The kitchen island along with all the custom cabinetry was designed by a cattle rancher who matched the hood of the stove to the hood of the home’s two fireplaces.

Apart from the sturdiness of the Hearthstone timber-frames, the inventive architectural designs, and the rustic beauties of each custom-shaped room— The Lockwood log home also features a game room complete with enough vintage arcade, gumball, and slot machines to quickly find oneself feeling like a kid in a candy store. This work of structural eye-candy is the proud final product of a Hearthstone timber-framed home.