Midkiff-Chattanooga ‘Castle’


Every Hearthstone home has a story, and nearly all those stories end in ‘happily ever after’. However, in the spring of 2022 on a golf course community lake in south eastern Tennessee, Mark and Catherine Midkiff forged a timber trace home that embodies the fairytale experience.

None can deny that the 5,053 square-foot structure resembles a castle, which is precisely where the home’s design originates. The early drawings and blueprints for this house were modeled after an actual European castle. 

Perhaps the most magical feature of the Midkiff’s “castle” is the round entry turret that charmingly exudes the rustic fairytale ambiance. However, the glow of the antique hewn Douglas fir timbers accenting the exterior are a close second. 

While the dazzling exterior is decorated with stained timbers, stone and stucco, and copper gutters and trim, the interior is brought to life in a much simpler way. Heavy timbers of antique-hewn eastern white pine trace the interior of the home, which is clean, modern and white.

From the outside, the home flickers with fantasy, but on the inside, the atmosphere is crisp and sleek. The paradoxical home is just an example of how Hearthstone Homes enables even the wildest of dreams to become a tangible, elegant reality.