Southall Farm & Inn


Cultivate Something Special at Southall Farm & Inn

As you arrive amid the lush and rolling hills of historic Franklin, Tennessee, you find yourself breathing more deeply, feeling more at ease. It’s as though you’ve been transported to a simpler time, when the pace of life was more mindful, more deliberate. A vast expanse of farmland—325 acres—surrounds you, with greenhouses on one side, and rows of heritage crops, orchards, and gardens on the other.

On the winding road that leads here, you begin to understand the purpose of this place, for you are already immersed in the journey of the land and those who came before us. The perfect blend of old and new, tradition and innovation, it’s the evolution of Southern hospitality—an estate just outside of Nashville designed around the connections we crave in a world that too often rushes past the things that matter most.

A working farm. An inviting inn. Dining and spa experiences that honor the cycles of nature and incorporate its bounty. This is Southall, an extraordinary resort where experiences are meant to be savored.