The Pfendler Family Home


Rick Pfendler, a custom home builder, from Boca Raton, FL found the perfect lakefront lot at the Stone Bridge Development, on Douglas Lake, in beautiful East Tennessee. He then enlisted the help of Project Manager Jobe Leonard of Hearthstone Homes and set into motion a turnkey project of epic proportions. This beautiful waterfront structure turned into one of the most innovative, charismatic, spectacularly-detailed vacation homes you will ever see.

Project & Client Story

The combination of everyone’s innovative design work (Rick and Sandy Pfendler, Jobe Leonard, Robert Kingery, and plethora of local craftsmen) along with Hearthstone’s one of a kind Timberlake Log System, and hand harvested cedar trees from the site itself resulted in a unique structure that is fully reflective of the owner’s and Hearthstone’s imagination.

This project in Jefferson County, Tennessee happened because of the know-how and knowledge of two custom home builders. Hearthstone Homes located in Dandridge, TN and National Custom Homes from Boca Raton, FL and their enthusiastic owner Rick Pfendler. Two very different architectural styles combined in Eastern Tennessee on the shores of Douglas Lake. The result is a merging of the beauty and intrigue of a 200-250 year old log style with the modern technology and sophistication of a custom built vacation home.

There is not another Log or Timber Frame company in the world that can combine the complexity that Hearthstone was able to offer on this and all other projects. It started with the design and culminated with RF Kiln drying of logs and their installation by Hearthstone’s very own crews. As far as the superiority of Hearthstone’s Bob Timberlake system, manufacturing processes, specially trained crews, and availability of unlimited custom designs, there really is no rival to the team that the Pfendler’s enlisted when they began their project.

A vacation home on 16 acres; with approximately 4,000 sq ft; or immaculate design, detail, and finishing in every aspect of the project down to the site harvested porch posts is hard to fathom. The pictures leave the most unsuspecting onlooker breathless. It is obvious to anyone who attends a one on one design session with Project Manager Jobe Leonard that this level of construction and custom timberwork can only be accomplished by the most skilled Timberwrights located at Hearthstone Homes in Dandridge, TN. 

What would the homeowner have done differently? First of all, they would have enlisted Hearthstone’s help sooner so they could have been enjoying their new home earlier. It is easy to get lost in the mass of “log cabin kits” and packages on the market today. By enlisting the industry leader in the complex design and heavy timber installation, Hearthstone can help you make a seamless transition through all aspects of your projects and make sure your timberwork is installed correctly by the same people that designed and manufactured it.

We build in every size range, and we do it with the same talent and dependability that is showcased with this lakefront vacation home.

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