SEI Project Progression: Phase Two

Hearthstone’s latest commercial project, the Southeast Industrial Construction (SEI) headquarters building in Morristown, TN, is well underway to being the most impressive corporate building in the Knoxville area. 

“You can go look and see, but you aren’t going to be able to find anything better,” Kenny Noah, owner of SEI, commented. 

SEI Project Progression: Phase Two SEI 1 Hearthstone Homes

Noah had visions for an awe-striking building that would not only foster company growth and innovation, but also be a bold, matchless structure that stands out among other timber frames. Since early this year, Hearthstone and Noah have been working diligently to achieve that dream. However, the process has been challenging. 

“The biggest challenge was getting the timber frame married to the steel trusses,” Noah explained. “If I had to do it over, I would use more timber frame instead of steel, particularly at the front entrance.”

SEI Project Progression: Phase Two SEI 2 Hearthstone Homes

However, progress on the site has been exciting. The beauty of the building is beginning to radiate as the decking and timbers boast their new contrasting stains. The lighter panels are the perfect contrast to the rich, tobacco stain of the logs. It is a yin-yang combination to create a feeling of zen that will nourish the office environment. 

SEI Project Progression: Phase Two SEI 3 Hearthstone Homes

The company headquarters will be home to nearly a dozen offices, but those are the only spaces to work in the new building.

“We have a lot of great places for our project managers to hang out,” Noah said. 

There are several lounges where project managers can relax and experience a bit of inspiration. The most notable area is SEI’s very own library. Perhaps the most covetable space, however, is the great room and its fireplace. 

“During cool mornings, days, or nights, people can sit by the fire and drink hot cocoa, or do whatever else they would like to do in the warmth.” Noah said. 

SEI Project Progression: Phase Two SEI 4 Hearthstone Homes

Whether there is a fire burning or not, a cozy elegance decks the halls of the SEI building, and the secret is in the wood. No one does timbers like Hearthstone. 

“The timbers are beautiful. They really are,” Noah said. “I think it’s going to be the best-looking office or facility in the Knoxville area— bar none.”