Shaver’s Creek Expansion

Since 1976, Shaver’s Creek has been educating Penn State students, schoolchildren, and community members by modeling respect for each other and the natural world. Their mission is to provide individuals and communities with the knowledge, values, skills, and experiences to interact in harmony with one another and the systems that support all life. The model of engagement with Penn State students and the community has proven successful for more than 39 years, with an upward trajectory of solid programming and facility use over the last decade that they expect to continue into the future. The capacity of their facility, however, is overwhelmed by this success. 

Hearthstone is excited to be apart of the expansion of such a unique project. A timber frame & SIP ( Structural Insulated Panel ) administration building along with a new classroom building are scheduled to be delivered to Shaver’s Creek by mid-September. Both will be connected to the old, but soon to be renovated main building.  Contact Scott Walker by phone @ 570-295-1083 or email @  to schedule a site visit appointment.

Shaver’s Creek provides a bridge between Penn State students and Pennsylvania schools, organizations, and families — working to find synergy and interrelationships that connect community outreach efforts with undergraduate and graduate teaching and research. Each year they reach more than 70,000 Pennsylvanians through school, team building, and traveling naturalist programs throughout the Commonwealth. It serves as an extended classroom to more than 2,300 Penn State students for credit and noncredit opportunities. They envision coordination with even more colleges and departments to maximize the unique resources of their entire facility. Building improvements and additions — including 3,200 square feet of new classroom space — will act as a conduit to connect people to the outdoors, build community relationships, and enhance educational opportunities for all.

When the current building was constructed 75 years ago, it was designed as a three-season structure for group functions and warm-weather instruction. The year-round and seasonal Shaver’s Creek staff numbers have grown to more than 30, and many are housed in temporary outbuildings. These accommodations are now crowded and inadequate, with current instructors teaching a maximum load of more than 35 classes for six colleges and nine departments. There is no physical space to add new staff and meet the demand of our partner colleges, to continue to grow our credit offerings.

Shaver’s Creek once served as outreach solely for the College of Health and Human Development. Since joining Penn State Outreach in 1996 they’ve become more nimble and better positioned to serve all the colleges, their faculty, and students.

Shaver’s Creek’s goal is to lead by example and serve as a community role model in how to live sustainably and in balance. Building relationships and providing quality educational opportunities for all is key to our work as an environmental center. They are ready to shepherd this good work into a new phase of growth. 

To learn more visit Http://Www.Shaverscreek.Org

Shavers Creek Environmental Center

3400 Discovery Road

Petersburg, PA  16669