Top 5 Noticed Posts

Happy National Social Media Day

June 30th, 2019 is National Social Media Day and as a way to celebrate with everyone, we are showcasing our top 5 noticed posts in the last year on Instagram and Facebook.  We appreciate all our supporters who show their appreciation through likes, shares, comments and follows.  These 5 posts have received the most attention and engagement from our audience!

Top 5 Noticed Posts Insta2crop Hearthstone Homes

This beautiful Timber Frame was posted on Instagram in May and received 462 likes!  Click the links below to visit the gallery for more photos and information on this Timber Frame and to see the actual post.



Top 5 Noticed Posts FB2crop Hearthstone Homes

This Mountain Guest House was posted on Facebook in November and reached 2,908 people along with 120 likes and 21 shares.  Click the links below to see the Facebook post and visit the gallery for more photos and information on this home.



Top 5 Noticed Posts Insta3crop Hearthstone Homes

This cozy Guest Timberlake house was posted on Instagram back in October and received 310 likes.  Visit the links below for interior pictures and to view the post.



Top 5 Noticed Posts Insta1crop Hearthstone Homes

This Timberlake Cabin was posted on Instagram in May and received 401 likes.  Interesting fact: this cabin was featured in Log Home Design Magazine in their September 2007 issue!  Click the links below to see more pictures, plans, read the backstory on this timeless Cabin, and check out the post.



Top 5 Noticed Posts FB3crop Hearthstone Homes

This post was a giveaway that we did on Facebook back in November.  The winner received the two limited edition books!  All you had to do to participate was like the photo, comment, and share the post to your page.  This post received 93 likes, reached 13,451 people, gained 100 comments, and 129 shares!  Click the links below to visit the page to purchase these books for yourself and to see this giveaway post.



Thanks again for your continued support on our social media platforms and if you’re not following us be sure to go click that follow button.  Have a great day! Happy National Social Media Day!!